About the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan

The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan was initially born out of frustration – frustration from our founder David Bain that while he was carrying out search engine optimization services for various clients in way back in 2006, he was continually asked by those customers why he had to charge more…

Back in 2006 when David was providing SEO services, some of his clients had seen online adverts, offering unbelievable deals such as 100,000 links to their sites for just $99.

Unfortunately though his customers just didn't understand that some links are worth a lot more than other links – and they certainly didn't understand that if you built up too many links too quickly then this could quickly destroy their search engine rankings.

But even after David explained to his clients why they had to invest in online marketing, some of them still wanted to purchase these cheap link building packages – David decided that he needed to train his clients!

The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing

David decided that he had to do a better job of explaining the pros and cons of various online marketing techniques to his clients – so back in 2007 he wrote and delivered a seminar called the “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing”.

This seminar was very well received. The only piece of negative feedback was extremely constructive – one of David's clients mentioned that although they had learned a lot of great information, they needed a plan – they didn't know what to do first.

And that's where the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan was born.

David Bain, founder of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan

The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan seminar – Version 1.0

Between 2007 and 2008 David delivered the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan seminar across the UK, and produced a set of DVDs from one of the seminars.

This set of DVDs became version 1.0 of the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan – you can still see this original seminar recording inside the current version of the Inner Circle.

2010 – Version 2.0

By 2010 online marketing had changed significantly. Facebook didn't really exist as a business marketing opportunity back in 2007, but by 2010 it was firmly on the map.

Back in 2007 Twitter was still in the early-adopters phase, but by 2010 it was a mainstream communications tool.

This, alongside the proliferation of content distribution networks meant that the plan had to be updated to take full advantage of social sharing and blogging networks, so version 2.0 was released in 2010.

2013 and onwards – Version 3.0

By 2013 online marketing had again changed significantly – so much so that the name of the 26-Week Plan was changed from the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan to the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan.

This was done for 2 main reasons…

Firstly, “internet marketing” doesn't have a positive reputation in some circles. Many people perceive the phrase “internet marketing” to represent make-money-online products that promise overnight success and that isn't what the 26-Week Plan is about.

Also, by 2013 smartphone and tablet sales had rocketed, and this presented a completely new marketing opportunity. Hundreds and thousands of people are reading Kindle books and using apps, and the new version of the plan now incorporates these opportunities.

Digital marketing constantly evolves, and the 26-Week Plan has evolved to now incorporate books, audiobooks and video training in our Inner Circle.

Get Started with the 4-Phases

Get started today by downloading our 4-Phases of Digital Marketing e-book, available from our home page. (The 4-Phases is the framework behind the 26-Week Plan.)

When you download the 4-Phases e-book we’ll also share more about what you get when you join the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan Inner Circle – so get started by downloading the 4-Phases e-book today!